„The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its reason for existing.. One who cannot ask, cannot live”

Albert Einstein

“Each session with Agnieszka was distinct in terms of her approach and tools used and I tremendously benefited from this coaching journey. The facilitation I particularly received on my 'company set up' goals was fantastic”.

Owner, Telecommunication company


“Agnieszka Brukszo is a skillful experienced coach with optimistic and cheerful approach to the client. I felt very happy every time I finished the session. I discovered things that I never thought about before. What’s more important, I am now more focused on my goals and therefore more aware of the things that are helping me to achieve them”. ​​​

Marketing Manager, Tourist company


“Sessions with Agnieszka Brukszo were very helpful and building my awareness. The goal of our meetings was around change in my career and finding a fulfilling job position. I got to know how to use my key attributes to my advantage and what are the most important elements of my “ideal” work. These are concrete and priceless results which gave my career path a new dimension and moved quickly the job search process in a defined direction”.​​​​​

Investment Director, Real estate company


“The coaching sessions with BrandU have been very enlightening. From the first session I felt really comfortable and understood and this enabled me to be open and to solve many important issues".

Managing Director, ​​​​Jewellery company

“Great proof of the power of the coaching process – and the skill of Agnieszka as a coach!! BrandU will help you to identify the actions you need to take to better understand and develop yourself as a leader, for you to take control of your future – overcoming your negative self-beliefs and fears – facing forward with confidence in yourself.”

Development Director, International Airline


I unreservedly will recommend BrandU and Agnieszka Brukszo to anyone wanting a “professional coach” – and who is prepared to “work” to find answers and take positive steps. This is the right address, you can achieve whatever you want”.

Project Manager, Energy company


“Thanks to BrandU coaching I realised how to enhance my professional performance (something I was not aware of before). Overall, I would recommend Agnieszka as a coach to anyone. A very empowering experience. Thank You!” ​​​​

Department director, Consulting company

Agnieszka Brukszo

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