“Happiness is the ability to use what was given to you by nature”

Milton Erickson

  • Constantly chasing your life? Too much stress, and no time for making plans or even dreaming?
  • Thinking how to bring back a better work-life balance, create a healthier lifestyle?
  • Do you want to meet true „You”, find passion and enthusiasm, recognize your talents?
  • Considering change in career to start doing what really gives you satisfaction?



Coaching has at its core the need for complete life-balance. From a technical point of view it is an independent and confidential partnership where Coach is an expert in the process and the Client is an expert in his topic. Individual sessions or group workshops are tailored to the Client’s needs and scheduled according to the Agreement. Working language Polish or English. Possibility to have sessions face to face, on-line, by phone or on skype.

BrandU Coaching introduces positive actions to create your own effective strategy both in your life and your career to match your individual talents and needs. Since every man is different and has different dreams.

  • Personal Brand Coaching – focused on defining your own identity, image and talents, finding out who we are and where are we going.

  • Career Coaching – involves discovering your best career path, growing work satisfaction and using your strengths to the fullest.

  • Well-being Coaching – has at its core the need for complete life-balance, for those seeking joy, passion and self-development.

Agnieszka Brukszo

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executive and life coaching

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